Bloxomo^2 screenshot

Be square, don't do lines!

BloxomoČ is a unique twist in the falling blocks genre. Instead of falling down a well, the shapes fall towards the center of a square grid. Completed squares around the center block are removed and the rest of the blocks move inward.

BloxomoČ offers two modes of play. In continuous mode the difficulty ramps up each time you complete five squares. Higher levels challenge you with pentominoes, two (or more!) shapes at once, and of course frightful speed.

In classic mode, each of the 30 levels has a goal of 3 or more squares to complete. When you complete a level you are awarded a bonus based on how much of the grid is clear. Then the grid is cleared for the start of the next level. As the levels progress, classic mode offers the same pressures of continuous mode. In addition, classic mode contains speed levels that must be completed quickly as the squares expand, and challenge levels that award a special bonus for a completely cleared grid.